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KRNH offers programs targeted at many sectors of the community, with all age groups represented accros a range of activities including general leisure and recreation programs, health and exercise activites and adult learning programs. If you would prefer to complete the paper membership application, download this form and take it into the house. Be inspired with six informative weekly sessions from glass cutting to the finished work of art. Each financial member is entitled to vote at all general meetings in person or by proxy. At least one of your identity documents MUST contain a photograph plus you must evidence your full name and date of birth.

Access to the KRNH community Food Share Program. Let Jo show you how and then spend this term creating your own unique pieces. Concession Rates offered for some programs and activities. Supportive and educational programs, activities and services. KRNH sits on three acres of land and is surrounded by beautiful parkland. Agencies and groups to foster positive development and a sense of community spirit. At least one document from either Category A or Category B must be provided along with other documentation to equal 100 points or greater. Embership for KRNH is open to all residents of the Kinglake Ranges who have an interest in the aims and activities of KRNH and who support the existence of a Neighbourhood House in Kinglake.